Contemporary Pastel and Digital Art Work By George Curington


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POgaOd Paintings , has a meaning. The letters stand for:
P = Pastel
O = Organic
g = Geometric
a = abstract
O = objects
d = deformations

All Prints Adhere to the following specifications:

Specifications: Museum quality, acid free matte print using Giclee process to produce the print.
Prints are created by a company specializing in creating museum quality prints.
Color: Excellent
Blacks: Excellent -- at least as black as the very dark blacks obtained with glossy or satin papers.
Quality of black and white prints -- Perfect. All b/w grayshades are created from black and gray inks.
Reflectivity: very low (little if any glare from direct lighting)
Thickness: 21.5 mils -- very thick
Estimated time for 1st detectable fading, indoors: 150 years
Graininess from ink drops: not visible

As a rule, the advantage of a matte surface is that it avoids glare from room lighting,
at the expense of vividness of colors and deep blacks. This matte paper achieves both objectives.
Prints on this paper look excellent, and room lighting should never be an issue.
Paper used: Legion Entrada Rag Bright 290

Note: If the image is not square, the aspect ratio of rectangular images will
be calculated correctly. I know this is a moderately complex issue, but until
I can post the ratio involved, just approximate the longest and shortest
dimension you seek. I will let you know what the exact sizes are before
ordering to nail down the exact dimensions you seek.


I currently have two Image Albums posted to Facebook. Each image has a unique numeric value
associated with it for identification purposes.

Fragments = works of art

I am selling these fragments as works of art.
The size being sold ranges from 5 x 5 inches to 10 x 10 inches.
5 to 7 inches cost $15.00 each.
8 to 10 inches cost $30.00 each.

Pastel Deformations = works of art

These images are deformations of actual Pastel Paintings I created.
All prints up to a maximum largest side of 12 inches cost $25.00 each.
This means that if you want small high quality print, the price is $25.00 and
if you want a larger print up to 12 inches the price remains the same, $25 dollars.
Beyond 12 inches the prices change because it is more expensive for me to have
museum quality prints created above that limit. For such prints larger than 12 inches
per largest dimension , use the following formula to calculate the price:

( Width * Height ) * ( .15 ) per image.

+ 6.00 shipping cost per order

There is a limit on the largest size I can have made thru the company I am using.
If you hit such a limit I will contact you and discuss the best approach.
Most people do not desire GIANT prints.

you can browse image/prints that are available for purchase in these galleries

Fragments = works of art
Pastel Deformations = works of art
my face book art page

To order prints simply specify the print number under the image as it appears on my face book art page. Include the price, your address and relevant information. If you need to contact me directly before ordering prints, feel free to do so either by texting me, emailing me or contacting me thru my standard face book page.

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