Contemporary Pastel and Digital Art Work By George Curington


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What Is This!

This site is designed to make it easy to order high quality matte and canvas prints of my artwork. I am basically a Pastel artist. But I do create other art that is created by digitally alterating original Pastel work. These works truly look amazing once framed and hung on your walls. Your friends, neighbors, relatives and even the plumber will be totally impressed to see these One-Of-A-Kind works hanging from your walls.

How Is This!

I am a self-taught Pastel artist. And that is one of the reasons that my work is so compelling and unique. My work is filled with symbolism and is of a surrealistic nature. The origin of my work comes from my musical background. My first career was that of a Jazz Flutist. This added a strong element of improvisation to my approach. These characteristics are rarely if ever found in most if not all of the standard Pastel paintings you will see being created by formally trained artists.

Music Anyone?

I love music; both classical and jazz. All of the galleries presented here will have a random mp3 playing in the background of either a jazz artist or a classical artist. The mp3 player can be turned off at the top of each page. Each time you reload a page, you will hear a different work of music; Beethoven, James Galway, Chic Corea ...

How To Order Prints?

You can order a print of any image seen in the galleries by clicking on the image name in the list box to the left of each gallery. By doing so you will get a list of available sizes and the price. You can also order multiple copies. This is done securely using PAYPAL. It usually takes about week for a print to be delivered. The print , depending on size, will be wrapped in a heavy duty waterproof tube.

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